Sunday, July 4, 2010

On the road again!

So it’s been awhile since I updated!  But today is  now July 3rd, 4pm, 2010….and we are ON THE ROAD TO CANADA!!!  Woot!!  The last month or so has flown by!  It’s been a whirlwind of David working overtime, Sean on vacation from school, Sean and Kaelyn going to VBS at First Baptist Church, and the babies both being sick!  But we managed to get everything together, get a few things bought, get everything cleaned at the house, all the laundry washed/dried/folded (mostly, minus our clean clothes folded), and everything packed into the yukon!!


We left bright and early at 6am this morning!  Ugh!  It took us about an hour to get everyone up, dressed, and out the door!  So far everyone has done fantastic!  The twins have had a couple fussy periods, but otherwise it’s been a great drive!  The inlaws are with us, they are just behind us in their “holiday inn on wheels”.  Boy are they in for a shock when they see how wide open and non-commercialized Lipton, Saskatchewan is! lol!


We still have 3 days of driving, but today is the longest day of the drive.  We planned it specifically to make a pit stop at my bff’s house in Indiana!  Beautiful lady is going to cook us some supper and save our sanity by letting my fearsome foursome run around with her kidlets and niece!  I can’t wait to see her again!  We haven’t had a good visit in a year so I’m psyched!  T-1hr and counting!


In between times here, Sean and Kaelyn attended VBS and they had a blast!  Sean was so upset when it was over!  Kaelyn learned some new songs, specifically “Deep and Wide”, I’ll have to catch it on tape, it’s adorable!  The week before we left, both the twins got sick too!  Liam with a double ear infection, and Rylee with a sinus infection.  Carrying antibiotics on a trip is so much fun! @@  I’m just glad it’s working fast and both are doing much better today, all things considering.


Well I’ll likely be bored and have time to write up how our trip is going the next couple of days!  Hope the next three days go as smoothly as today has gone so far! <3

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