Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Once upon a month ago....

Apparently posting once a month is going to be my "thing" right now! Wow, who knew life would get so busy with 4 kids, right?!

The end of october was lots of fun! Sean and Kaelyn both started soccer and had a blast with it! At least this year Kaelyn actually got out on the field with her team, last year she was a side-liner, by choice! And Sean is getting much more aggressive playing, he actually played offense a few times. I think he enjoys soccer more than baseball because he gets to be moving all the time. I may look into a spring soccer league for him, depending on the cost and how far we have to travel for it.

For halloween this year Sean decided to be Indiana Jones, Kaelyn was tinkerbell, and we had b/g twin pirates to round out the foursome. I took the kids, with grandmother and granddaddy, to the Fall Festival uptown for awhile, and then after daddy got home from work we went to the church fall festival, and then on to Aunt Linda's for some halloween socializing.

The kids had a great halloween! Sean and Kaelyn each had their own pumpkin to "carve", Sean chose a bat, and Kaelyn a silly face. I think they turned out pretty cute myself....considering I did a good part of the cutting! :D

The beginning of november has passed in a blur of sickness yet again. I have a feeling this could be the new norm for our little family of 6. A run of a wicked stomach virus for the 3 little ones, 2 bouts of strep for Sean, 1 bout of strep for me...it's been a busy few weeks here. As of right now, everyone is fairly healthy...let's hope it stays that way for awhile.

Thanksgiving is coming up next weekend. It's still very strange to me to have Thanksgiving so late in the year, it feels like it infringes on the Christmas season. But, there's not much i can do, so I roll with it! :D I have so much to be thankful for. An amazing husband, 4 fantastic kids, an adorable poochie, a house to live in, food on my table, clothes on our backs....and a God who provided it all for us! Thank you God, for my many, many blessings! <3