Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hello blog-land!

I’m thinking I could get used to this blogging without logging in! lol!


So it’s been awhile again, life sure is busy with 4 kids at home!  Sean is 8, he’s going into 3rd grade this fall.  He’s out for summer now, and is enjoying playing with the little kids, for the most part!  He’s going into the “gifted and talented” program at school this fall, he’ll be taking extra classes one day a week!  He’s pretty excited to get back to school, he misses his friends already!


Kaelyn is 3.5, going on 4.  She’s loving having Sean at home to play with, and I love having someone to help occupy her and the twins! lol  Her and Sean are both in VBS at First Baptist Church this week and they are having a blast, they don’t want tomorrow to be their last day!


The twins are 15 months old now!  At their 15 month appt, Rylee was 23.4 lbs and 31 in long, and Liam was 21.4 lbs and 31 in long!  Both doing fantastic!  Starting to talk more, and get into more trouble too!  Liam is running pretty good now, Rylee tries to run but has to keep her arms up for balance still!  Their favorite game is patty cake, and dumping toys out of the toy bins so they can sit in them!


David’s  busy working a ton of overtime, in preparation for our Canada trip!  2 wks and 2 days until we leave!  I think we’ve got everything bought that we need, and now it’s crunch time to get everything packed and the house cleaned up so when we come home it’s not a disaster.  The inlaws are making the trip with us in their motorhome….should be an interesting vacation!


And me, I’m busy trying to keep my household semi-clean and sane this summer!  I’ve started a new cleaning regime that’s working pretty good, for the first time in years I’ve kept the dishes done and the dining room clean for 5 consecutive days! lol!  Next step, the laundry folding backlog!


I’m going to do my ever loving best to blog more, I really need to document my kids lives more before they grow up and I run out of stuff to talk about it!  I hope I can remember to take the time each day to jot down what new and amazing things they are doing! <3

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