Thursday, July 22, 2010

Today we’ve learned…

what two angry, tired, grouchy, tired, squeally, tired babies sound like cooped up in their carseats in a moving vehicle.  At 10am.  What a day it’s been!!  Thankfully we “borrowed” grandmother and granddaddies motor home for lunch again, and let the dynamic duo roam around while eating lunch.  That burnt off at least a little steam.  After a bit of a nap this afternoon they started becoming squeally again, so I suggested milk shakes.  I was hoping it would buy us 30 minutes of silence…..they both finished them within about 3 mins!  WOW!  How they didn’t get brain freeze I’m not really sure! lol!  Now, not only are they tired, but they are hyped up on milkshakes! :P


It’s 4:10 on day 3.  By this time tomorrow we will be settled into mom and dad’s place, and the kids can run their little legs off!  We’re going to stop shortly and let them race around with the soccer ball for a few mins, and then it’s around 2 hrs until we get to the hotel!  Hopefully they’ll stay kinda settled down until we get there!


Tomorrow is the last day of this leg of our adventure, we keep reminding ourselves that they will never be this little again, and the trip will never be this stressful again.  Over all the kids have done fantastic, minus a few twin meltdown’s, so I really can’t complain about them.  But I will be looking forward to next trip, when they’ll be more entertained by movies, and toys, and coloring books and such!!

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