Thursday, March 11, 2010

Well I suppose it could be worse...

I could forget to post for a year, instead of a month at a time!! HA!

Let's see, starting back on our trip to Canada....the kids did FANTASTIC on the plane ride!! We even had several people pass us by and say they didn't even realize we had twin babies on the plane! They had a couple fussy periods but nothing that a little snuggling, a bottle, and a nap didn't take care of!

It was SO much fun getting to see my entire family again! My brother was visiting from Alberta, my sisters from Regina and Moose Jaw, and we all crammed into mom and dad's house! It was a tight squeeze, but very cozy! The kids had a blast playing in the snow, they were outside the day after we got there!

I think they would have lived outside if we had let them!! Just a couple days later, we headed down to Fort Qu'Appelle to the dormitory for the BIG family christmas!! Such fun, meeting all the new little cousins, and reconnecting with all the big cousins and aunts and uncles!

Kaelyn's very first skiidoo ride!!

Sean about to sled down the snow pile, and going for a skiidoo ride! First time we didn't have to beg him to ride it, and he said he had lots of fun!!

This was the twins first time out in the cold and snow, riding in a sled! They were really impressed! Sean and Kaelyn got to help build a snowman, they were very excited about that!

In between it all, the "big boys" managed to build an IGLOO!! They fit 13 adults inside that thing! I'm sure it got toasty warm with all that body heat! And here's a picture of all the grandkids on my side of the family! 17 kids under the age of 9! Fantastic!

This is just a beautiful picture David took, the trees are standing at the edge of the land and the lake goes out from there, those are fishing shacks you see partway across!

And who can forget the absolutely LOVELY socks that cousin Sean won in the chinese gift exchange! He had to model them immediately for us! LOL!!

Pretty soon it was back to papa's farm for a few more days!

Sean and Kaelyn riding down the back stairs of papa's deck! It worked great! Then Kaelyn was riding in the back of papa's quad while the pulled Sean around on the sled!

And just a random pic of papa's snow/frost covered trees! Beautiful!

Unfortunately, the trip was all too short as it always is! We headed to a hotel in Regina a day early, a big snow storm was coming and we didn't want to get snowed in and miss our flight! Lucky for us, after sitting around the airport for several hours the next morning, our flight was cancelled anyways, ALL the flights were cancelled! So, back to the hotel for another night we went!

This is what happens when you have tired grouchy twins! LOL! He stole her paci, so she stole his socks, and then he pulled her arm out of her sleeve! But thankfully Auntie Lindsay came with some reinforcements for the big kids, and David and I were able to concentrate on the babies a bit more!

So, a day late and almost a dollar short, we finally headed home! It was a very early flight, so everyone was exhausted by the time we got home around 8:30! But it was a worthwhile trip for sure!!

So not long after that, it was Sean's birthday again!! 8 years old!! He had his first sleepover with a friend from school, we went bowling in the afternoon, and then out for pizza for supper! The boys had lots of fun I think!!

And just 4 short days later, the twins turned 1 yr old!! Time sure has flown by! Unfortunately, the week before their birthday party, everyone ended up with the stomach virus! So it had to be postponed, and we'll be hosting it this weekend!! YAY! I am very excited!

To illustrate how they've grown, here's a few more pics tonight:

Liam and Rylee, sharing a bouncer, just a few days old!!

And Rylee and Liam, guess they won't be sharing a bouncer anymore! Boy have they grown! Their 1 yr stats are:
Rylee ~ 22 lbs 7.5 oz, and 30 in long.
Liam ~ 19 lbs 15.5 oz, and 30 in long.

My babies are all grown up.... *sigh*

Until next time then! :)