Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day two of our journey.

Well it was a super duper early morning this morning, started off with the alarm clocking BLARINGLY loud this morning!  Forgot to adjust the volume, the last person to set it must have been deaf!  But nevertheless, at 5:15 am the alarm went off and we began our second day of driving!


To back it up a bit, last night when got to my best friend’s house at about 5pm or so.  We had SUCH fun visiting!  I finally got to meet her phantom hubby (haha), and her bro, sis-in-law and their adorable little girl came over for supper and cake as well!  The kids had a blast playing with her 2 kids and her niece, and the twins had fun racing around her house and climbing her stairs!  What a great stress relief after a long day!


Back to today, so far everyone is tolerating the trip well.  The babies have been a little fussy, mostly tired I think.  Rylee just fell asleep, and I’m hoping Liam follows suite soon.  We’ve already stopped to play at one playground today, LOVE the rest area’s with playground’s, whoever thought of that idea must have had children on a long car trip before!  Here’s to hoping the rest of today continues smoothly, and that tonight everyone gets a better night’s sleep so we aren’t quite so grouchy for day 3!

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