Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Question of the Week

Are you involved in your local Mother's (Parent's) of Multiples Club?

In a word....Yes!

As of right now I wish I could be a lot more active in our MoM's club! But it's very difficult when you have an 8 yr old with school and extracurricular activities, a 3.5 yr old who just started t-ball this spring and will be starting preschool this fall, and twin 14 month olds who's attention span is about as long as their pinky finger! Add to that equation that I live an hour away from it, as well as from the majority of the activities, and that it's difficult to wrangler 4 kids by myself when my husband works weekends.....well we do miss out on a lot of fun opportunities!

But I do try to attend the meeting each month, I've had such fun making new friends and learning how to cope with twins! I feel like I may have even dished out some advice a time or two, since I have two older kids as well!

In the long run, I'm hoping to get more involved as my babies get older! I'll still have to work around the older kids schedules, and David's work schedule, but as the twins get older it'll get easier to manuever 4 kids by myself!

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