Saturday, May 1, 2010

To rain or not to rain....

That seemed to be the question of the day today! When we first got up it was cloudy out, so I figured it would rain for sure! Later on, the sun came out, and I contemplated taking everyone outside by myself! Then after the babies nap, it was cloudy again! I really didn't feel like hauling everyone outside only to have to turn around and come back in if it started storming! So we spent a lazy day inside, playing, watching tv/movies, and snacking! :D

Just a quick note: Keebler Gripz Chips Deluxe these are the BEST snacks ever! The kids love them, they are small enough for the twins to eat, but they don't make a mushy mess like big cookies do! And they really are tasty! :D

Tomorrow is sunday, and I hate we have to miss church every second weekend! David's working hard this weekend, the start of the 7 day stretch always sucks!

While he was off thursday and friday we played outside, went to 2 ball games, bought a few more flowers for my last pot, set up the small wading pool for the kids, David cut grass and burnt some burgers on the grill! All in all a productive yet fun couple of days off!

The countdown has begun for our Canada trip! Sean has 4 weeks left of school, it's 8 weeks until we leave for Canada, and when we get back it's only a couple weeks until Sean and Kaelyn both start school again! Sean will be in 3rd grade, and Kaelyn will start 3yr preschool 3 mornings a week! I think she's going to have so much fun! It'll also give me a chance to focus on the twins a bit, and give her the opportunity to do more "big girl things", stuff I can't see to get done with her with 2 little monkeys toddling around!

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