Saturday, April 10, 2010

What a great day!

Well it's been a couple of weeks since my last update, so I guess I'd better start with that!

We FINALLY managed to have the twins birthday party, only about 3 weeks late! But better late than never! They were so good, no fussiness or grouchies at all! Pictures will have to be added later, since we have a new laptop and I don't have any pictures on here yet! lol!

We had a pretty good turn out: Grandmother and Granddaddy, Uncle Al and Aunt Linda, Uncle Barry and Aunt Cathy, Cousins Karen, Kim, Carleton, Carson and Preston, Friends Micheal, Karen and Henry Jacques, Jennifer, Austin, Landon and Kyleigh Adams, Mrs. Bailey and then later that evening we had Philip and Karen Teague and their three kids, Philip, Jackie and Mark over for supper! It was a great weekend!!

Since then, both Sean and Kaelyn have started baseball! It's Kaelyn's first year and she was very excited to play!! Between the two of them we are gone 3 nights a week for ball! It makes for some busy evenings, but they kids are having a blast!

We are busy saving up money for our upcoming CANADA trip!! Yep, we're going again! :D I think it's about 83 days or so until we leave! The kids are getting very excited! Especially Sean. He's going to be going to church camp, and this will be the first time he's gone to sleep away camp! He's going with Brandon, so they are sure to have a blast!

Today we went to the zoo and met a fellow twin mommy from a msg board I used to go to quite often! She lives just an hour away, right near the zoo, so we met up with our entourages! She has b/g twins as well. They were born at 29 wks so even though they are about 3 months older than our babies, they are soooo itty bitty and sweet!! It was lots of fun! I hope to get together with her again soon!

Not much else to tell right now! Poor Liam is still cutting some molars, his top ones came in a few weeks ago but his bottom ones are struggling to push through! Rylee got all 4 of hers a few weeks ago so she's done until her eye teeth try to come in! I hope this is nearing the end of the horrible teething phase!!

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