Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What a weekend!

Well we had a busy busy weekend here at the Bell household! Saturday we woke up to a rainy/dreary day, so we headed to Home Depot for a few odds and ends! We swung by a mattress store afterwards and picked out a new boxspring for us, since ours is broken, and a new nicer mattress for Sean. He's been using a bunk bed mattress but it really isn't that comfy. I can't wait for him to try out his new mattress, after David goes to pick it up this week!

We ate supper at Cracker Barrel, which is always so yummy! Then we got to play with the kids before throwing them all into bed!

Sunday was a fantastic service at church. This is the second week we've put the twins and Kaelyn into the nursery. I feel bad doing it, but Kaelyn went to children's church partway through and said she had lots of fun! It also allowed David and I to actually focus on the sermon instead of having to wrangle twin toddler's. I think we'll do this more often!

After church and chinese food for lunch, we bought some flowers and came home to plant them. The babies enjoyed playing in their sand/water table, and making a general mess! The big kids helped us clean up the yard a bit, plant my flowers and we cleaned out the big sand box for them. We had a small forest of elm trees growing in it! After about 3 hrs outside everyone was exhausted, we had some steak and fries for supper, and then baths for all the dirty children, and then bedtime! David and I actually watched Avatar, and it's an awesome movie!!

I love busy, fun filled, family weekends!

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