Monday, February 9, 2009

Still hanging in there!

Well we are now at 34 wks 4 days, and still going strong! Other than rib cage pain, and braxton hicks contractions, this pregnancy has been smooth sailing! The babies are getting bigger and bigger, as am I!! haha 3 weeks tomorrow and we'll be meeting face to sweet little snuggly face!!

We got both the carseats installed this weekend, course now David decided we need to switch them around with kaelyn! *gaah* But at least we have them, they are in and can be used if needed!

Pretty sure I've been nesting too, moving furniture around, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning out the truck.....I'm ready for these babies to COME ON!!

Sean's counting down the days to his birthday, one week until my little man turns 7! *cry* He's growing up way too fast!! He's such a great big brother though, and he can't wait until he's a big bro to two more!!

Kaelyn's sick again, my poor little wild child! Just a little sinus drainage, hopefully she'll be better in a few days! Not that it slows her down at all!!

David's new shift is going GREAT! Granted, we still haven't quite figured out the nighttime routine, but it sure is nice having some help with the kids in the evening now!

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