Tuesday, February 3, 2009

David's new work shift!

Well yesterday was the first day of David's new shift! Instead of the usual 4pm to midnight schedule that he's been working for years and years, he now works a bit of a crazy shift! M,T,W is 12 noon -6pm. Then TH,F is 6am-6pm one week, and off S,S and then it's switched the following week, off TH, F and on S, S 6am-6pm.

The GOOD thing is he is home by 7 pm gaurantee'd EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!

Although it did completely throw our "night time routine" right out the window last night! :P But give it time, we'll get a new routine going....just in time for the babies to get here!!!!

Yep yep, 28 days, 4 wks from today, we'll be meeting our little munchkin's! Can't wait!!

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