Monday, January 11, 2010

Let the countdown BEGIN!

Mondays. Mondays usually are pretty sucky, at least in my book they are! But this monday is different. Why, you might ask?! Well, it's because on wednesday (which never suck...), we are leaving for CANADA!!

I haven't been up to see my family since the summer of 2008! Sure, some of my immediate family came down last year after the twins were born, but it's always great to see my extended family!

So, in a flurry of cleaning, organizing, and packing this weekend..I think i am almost ready to walk out the door, wednesday morning at 6:30am!! All the clothes are washed and packed, the house is in a semi-organized state (minus my living room, which the twins are roaming around and destroying as I type), and all that's left is to do the final dishes, turn down the heat, toss the garbage into the outside can and GO!

Our flight leaves Charlotte, NC at 11:15am on wed! But, thanks to some dumb %*(& on Christmas, they are now recommending you get there 3 hrs before international flights! Add to that the restrictions on carry on luggage, the added security and possible delayed flights because of additional security could be an incredibly long day with the 4 munchkins! My hope is the twins will nap some on the planes....but who knows?!

While we are there we will be having "Christmas" with my dad's side of the family over the weekend!! They rent a dormitory at a church camp to fit everyone into for the weekend! I believe it's 17 kids under the age of 9?! Yes, we're mildly insane! :P But I've heard it's a blast, and I can't wait to get there!! Let's just hope it's nice enough outside to kick the big kids (and small adults) out!!

So, since both the twins are trying desperately to clean off my laptop desk for me, I guess I'll sign off for now, and entertain them for a few more minutes until it's nap time! We won't be back until jan 24th.....wish us luck!! :D

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