Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy late new year!!

Well it's now January 6th, so I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Year!! Christmas with 4 kids was fantastic! Sean and Kaelyn got up around 9am, and had a chance to play with their santa gifts, dump their stockings and open their gifts from us before the babies got up! Here's some pics of my big kids:

Sean loves his lego bionicle's! He's all into lego's since we bought lego star wars for the Wii!
The newest Fairy Princess! Looking good Tinkerbell Kaelyn!

Once the babies woke up around 10, and after their morning bottle, they got into the christmas spirit with their santa gifts:

Liam loves spinning the wheels on trucks!
Rylee was enjoying her new school bus!
Both my cuties at the same time! I adore these babies!!
And after Christmas supper at Grandmother's house, we just looked so cute in our matching overalls that mommy had to snap a pic!

Shortly after the Christmas insanity settled down, New Year's Eve was upon us! We spent the evening at David's aunt's house, came home just in time to watch the ball drop at midnight on tv! Sean was extremely disappointed, he thought we meant the ball would actually "drop", causing it to smash on the ground!! haha! All the kids had a very busy day and a late night, so they thankfully slept in later the next morning!!

Sean went back to school on january 5th, and now it's crunch time for me! We leave on jan 13th (next wednesday!!!) to fly to Canada to spend some time with my family!! Can't wait!! Hopefully all this increased airport security doesn't wreak havoc with us trying to fly with 4 children! It's a daunting (and scary) proposition, but I think David and I are ready for the next challenge of having 4 kids!! :D

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