Friday, December 18, 2009

Time FLIES!!

As you can see, I haven't had a chance to add to my blog since Feb!! And a LOT has happened since then!!

Long story short, just days after my last update, the babies decided to make their appearance!!!

Friday Feb 20th, around 11pm, I felt my water break! It wasn't a gush, like with my older two kids, but more of a popping sensation! I spent the next 30-45 mins walking around, packing our bags, trying to decide whether to go to the ER or not. Finally, we decided to go ahead and get checked, even if it meant they sent me back home (which I was hoping wouldn't happen!!) I was 36wks 1 day, going on 2 days. Surely they wouldn't send me home...

So off we went! The test strip to check my water was inconclusive, but they decided to call my ob anyways. By the time he arrived, I had started contracting every 2-7 mins. Some were very painful, and some I didn't feel. He didn't even check me, he looked at my contractions and the babies heartrates and said "How about we have some babies?" YEAH BABY!!

At 5:32am, Liam Carl was born. 6 lbs 4 oz, and 19 in long! He was a bit of a lazy bum, didn't cry much and consequently, didn't breath very well. He was sent over to the NICU to help him transition and stabilize.

At 5:33am, Rylee Ann was born. 7 lbs 2 oz, and 20 in long! She transitioned beautifully! She didn't cry too much but she was breathing great, able to hold her temperature and even tried nursing while i was in recovery! She was able to come straight to our room with us!

Thankfully, Liam straightened himself out very quickly, and followed us to the room just 6 hrs later! Both the babies passed all testing with flying colors, and we were able to come home just 2 days after birth! They had their jaundice levels checked at the hospital once afterwards, but it was coming down nicely by 1 week old!

Both babies settled into life at home very easily! We had some trouble nursing, mostly I wasn't producing enough milk for the both of them, so by 6 wks old we had transitioned over to full formula feeding. I was sad, but it was a necessity for all of us!

Sean and Kaelyn did fantastically!! Sean was a huge help with feeding and comforting! Kaelyn struggled a little with adjusting, not really jealous just very confused. But she soon settled into our new routine!!

Mom and dad were able to come down for about 10-11 days or so when the babies were just 2 weeks old! It was so nice having the extra help, and they were careful not to spoil the babies too much for us!

Sean finished 1st grade in june. He had a great year, but was very excited for summer vacation! In July, my sister Michelle and her 2 boys came down for a couple of weeks! It was great!! We took them to the beach for 4 days and every loved it! Even if Brandon, Michelle and Kaelyn all got stung by jellyfish! :O

My other sister Lindsay was able to come down for a week in August! Even though we didn't get to vacation anywhere, it was wonderful to have her help with the little ones!!

Sean started second grade this fall, and is doing wonderfully! He loves his teacher, although it makes him a little nervous that his dad and his teacher went to school together, and that both his parents are facebook friends with his teacher! He knows he can't get away with just anything! *lol* But he's made a few new friends and is having fun!!

Sean and Kaelyn both played soccer this fall! Sean has played for a few years, so he's starting to get the hang of this soccer thing! Kaelyn, however, was a little scared after the first practice, and would only go out on the field if mom or dad was out there with her! But she says she had fun, and hopefully she'll be a little braver next year!

And now, here we are, nearly Christmas time! Sean is nearly 8 yrs old, Kaelyn is nearly 3.5, and the twins are nearly 10 months old! Both are doing amazing! I love watching their little personalities just blossom! Rylee is our little "chubba wubba", she now weighs 21 lbs and is about 29 in long. She's just now army crawling good, and trying to pull herself up to her knees! She's got a beautiful little smile, but she's shy and doesn't show it as often to strangers. Liam is our "little man". He weighs 18.6 lbs and is about the same length as Rylee, around 29 in long. He just flies around the house now, army crawling sometimes, but finally starting to crawl on his knees! He's small and very aerodynamic! *lol* He's got a huge smile that he loves to shoot off often, and he loves to giggle when you toss him around like a sack of potatoes! He's been pulling up to standing for months, and we just know he's going to take his first steps any day now!!

And here we are, I believe I've caught up on the last 10 months or so! I do plan to update this more often, now that I have the time, so if you are trying to follow, I'll try to do better! *lol*

Merry Christmas, and many Blessings to you! <3

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