Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What a weekend!

At some point in the last few weeks we got a virus on our laptop! Have you ever had a virus on your computer?? Getting rid of it is like trying to dig out kudzu (for those in the south), or trying to get rid of portulaca (for those in the north). For those in between, it's damn near IMPOSSIBLE!

We finally ordered disks from Dell and had to wipe the laptop clean this weekend! Then spend 3 hrs reinstalling and updating all the drivers, because our laptop is beyond ancient and Dell doesn't even sell them anymore, let alone have updated drivers!

Fun fun fun!!

On a better note, I am now 26 wks 5 days pregnant with these little twinnies!! I had an ob appt on monday, all is GREAT! I start going every 2 weeks now, and we're into the home stretch! Babies have an 80-90% survival rate now, I'm feeling SO good about these munchkins! I go next monday for another ultrasound to see their beautiful little faces! Sean's very excited, he gets to come with us this time since he's off of school!

I'm not sure where this christmas season has gone, truly, it's disappeared this year! I have yet to print my christmas letters, I haven't taken the kids christmas pics, and I surely don't have any gifts wrapped yet! Not to mention my birthday is coming up....31 already! :O What the heck, didn't I just turn 27?? I think someone miscalculated somewhere....

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