Monday, August 9, 2010

And the last of the trip pictures!

Lots of water fun at Grandma's and Papa's house! Along with a little "twin rivalry" over the scooter!

Sean and his two missing front teeth, the twins doing the pow-wow on the loose boards on papa's front deck, and granddaddy and papa watching the kids in the pool.

My sweet smiley Rylee, Liam motoring around on the scooter, and Liam on his very first quad ride. He wasn't too impressed. Rylee, however, was THRILLED....although since i was driving I didn't get to take a picture of her! :(

Rylee on her first big girl swing ride, Liam very proud of climbing on Auntie 'Chelles swingset all by himself, and my pretty girl Kaelyn.

My best friends beautiful kids, Brady and Keelie! Love that girl and those kids!!!

The twins very first popsicle....mmmmmm......and the whole group enjoying their popsicles at Auntie 'Chelle's!!

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