Saturday, November 29, 2008

Disney On Ice ROCKS!!

Oh about 4 months or so ago, I happened across this email, with an offer for tickets to Disney On Ice: Mickey and Minnie's Magical Journey! I thought, wow, perfect! The kids would LOVE to go see this, especially kaelyn, our little mickey fanatic!!

So I ordered tickets, not even thinking "Um I'm going to be about 5.5-6 months pregnant with TWINS by then!!" Whoops!!

Fortunately, we got there early, parked really close, and had AWESOME seats!! We all had a blast!! Kaelyn was so excited to see "Kickey and Ninnie" on the ice, along with "Donald, Dai-y (that's daisy in kaelyn speak), and Goony (goofy)". Sean loved watching the skaters leave skate marks on the ice, how the lights moved and flashed, and how tall the ceiling of the Bi-Lo Center was! :D But all in all in was a ton of fun!!

Since we were already in Greenville we hung around, did some shopping, and hit the Roper Mountain Christmas Lights after supper!! All we heard, all the way around the mountain, was "Wook Daddy...wook daddy....oh WOOK daddy" from the backseat! The kids loved the magical candyland candy cane lane, the waving snowman, the rocking horse, the dancing bears...all the beautiful lights blinking around us!

What a LONG, but wonderful day....I'll try to post some pics from the Disney thing tomorrow, when I have more energy! ;)

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